I am very picky when it comes to webhosts. I’ve probably used close to 30 different companies in my lifetime. I’ve purchased everything from shared hosting, to vps hosting, to dedicated servers. I was recently in need of a simple shared host for a client and went online in search of one. I did a lot of research, read tons of reviews, and compared a lot of features and prices. I narrowed it down between and – I ended up going with

They both had comparable services/features, fair prices, and lots of good reviews and happy customers. The only reason I chose StableHost initially over CrocWeb was I found a coupon code online that gave me a slightly better discount. Here are my thoughts on

Speed: (10/10)
One of the fastest shared hosts I’ve ever used. My WordPress sites load almost instantly even with a big theme and lots of plugins. This is most likely due to them using SSD’s for storing their customer’s data and using LiteSpeed Web Server instead of Apache. They offer hosting in 3 different locations – Chicago, Phoenix and Amsterdam. So most likely there is a location nearest you that can offer you low latency and fast upload/download speed to your website.

Features: (8/10)
They offer your standard client area billing interface that most hosting companies use. They offer your standard cPanel control panel that most hosts use. They offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains which is a big bonus. Besides shared hosting, they also offer enterprise hosting if you need more speed or space. They also offer reseller hosting if you want to become a webhost for your clients as well as VPS hosting in case you’ve outgrown all other options. They have a message board for their customers, but it’s not as popular and busy as I’d like it to be.

Price: (10/10)
I ordered their standard shared hosting package for 3 years. It’s $9.95 per month times 36 months which comes out to be $358.20, however I used their 75% OFF your first invoice promotion that was going on at the time I ordered. I ended up paying $89.55 for 3 years of hosting which is an incredible value. That’s only $29.85 a year or $2.49 per month! That’s cheaper than even those cheap and shitty oversold hosts like GoDaddy/HostGator/1and1 etc.

Support: (8/10)
I’ve only contacted support once so far and it was just a very simple question if they offer something or not. I got a helpful reply back within an hour. I think it was more like 45 minutes or so.

The one major con I see with this service is the process of ordering a dedicated IP. If you want your site to have an SSL certificate, you’ll need a dedicated IP. A lot of hosts you can just buy one easily from your cpanel or your billing panel. Here you have to send in a ticket and request one. They also charge a lot for a dedicated IP. Dedicated IPs are $3/month for US hosting and $5/month for Europe hosting. So it is a hassle to get one set up for you and it is kind of expensive, it’s actually more per month than my hosting costs when you break it down.

Overall Score: (9/10)
My only major gripe about this company is the dedicated IP thing. If you don’t require one, you don’t mind waiting for one, and dont mind the cost of one, then this host is for you.

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