Tribler – Torrent Anonymously Through a Tor-Like Network Completely Decentralized, No Websites or Trackers


Tribler is an open source anonymous peer-to-peer decentralized BitTorrent client. Because it’s decentralized, it doesn’t rely on any websites or trackers. It has a search function built right into the program, which is constantly updating using the Bitorrent protocol and its overlay network. This makes it impossible to shut down and makes it immune to any kind of government restraint.

Since the release of version 6.4.0, Tribler has included a custom built-in onion routing network which allows everyone using Tribler to be anonymous while torrenting with the software. Here is a look at how Tribler’s new anonymity feature works. Tribler was developed as a research project of Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Tribler Homepage & More Tribler Info

Criticism of Tribler’s Anonymity
Basically it’s saying you may not be as anonymous on Tribler as once previously thought. Use with caution. However, This is also Tribler’s first release with their anonymity feature built in, so I’m betting they plan to improve the implementation of this feature and fix these flaws that have been pointed out.

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