µBlock – The Most Efficient Ad Blocker Focused on Performance

µBlock is a great new addon for your browser that blocks ads and other unwanted things on internet pages like tracking scripts. It looks and feels almost identical to the famous Adblock Plus, however it does have a few improvements. It is far more efficient and performance tuned. It uses far less memory and cpu to do arguably a better job than its competitors. I highly suggest installing this and checking it out. I am using it on all of my browsers right now and I love it.










µBlock HomePage – Download Links Also on HomePage
Chrome / Chromium
Firefox or Manual Firefox

µBlock Origin
µBlock Origin HomePage
Chrome / Chromium
Firefox or Manual Firefox

Due to Mozilla’s review process, the version of µBlock available from the Firefox Add-ons homepage is currently often outdated. Use the manual link to download the latest version.

uBlock vs uBlock Origin?
More uBlock vs uBlock Origin Facts

Two quick suggestions regarding this addon:
I suggest going to the options and enabling the “Anti-Adblock Killer” filter list.
I suggest removing any other adblocking software while using this.

More µBlock Benchmarks

7 Replies to “µBlock – The Most Efficient Ad Blocker Focused on Performance”

  1. ravindra says:

    Thanks for the info. i was suffering from adblock heavy memory issue. I hope this ublock works fine for me.

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  4. I’m curious to know how Ghostery compares to these – performance wise.

    1. admin says:

      Scroll down to the very bottom and look for “µBlock has a smaller memory footprint than Ghostery or Disconnect.”
      The creator says uBlock uses slightly more memory, slightly less CPU than Ghostery. However, “Keep in mind that µBlock, like ABP, Adguard, and some others allows users to enter their own filters, something not possible with Ghostery or Disconnect.”

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