The Easy Way To Make Your Own Seedbox

#1 – Rent a Dedicated Servers or VPS

Check out our other articles for suggestions of Server Companies to rent from:
List of Server Hosting Companies
Bulletproof Offshore Hosting and Server Providers

You must use one of the following Operating Systems:
Ubuntu Server 12.04 or 14.04
Debian 6.0 or 7.0
I highly suggest using Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS

#2 – Install Seedbox Software Using Automated Script

Login ass root via ssh to your server and use following commands:
wget –no-check-certificate
time bash ~/

Some Notes About Installation:
If the script asks for IP or Hostname: Provide only the IP
DO NOT use capital letters, all your usernames should be written in lowercase.
DO NOT upgrade anything in your box after installation or you could break something.
During install, it may ask at one point for updating cron.daily job, select yes; rest will be unattended.

The Script Will Install The Following
– ruTorrent 3.6 + official plugins
– rTorrent 0.9.2 or 0.9.3 or 0.9.4
– libTorrrent 0.13.2 or 0.13.3 or 0.13.4
– Deluge 1.3.6 (current stable) multi-user
– mktorrent
– JailKit (providing chroot jail)
– Fail2ban
– Apache (SSL)
– OpenVPN
– PHP 5 and PHP-FPM (FastCGI to increase performance)
– Linux Quota
– SSH Server (for SSH terminal and sFTP connections)
– vsftpd (Very Secure FTP Deamon)
– Webmin (use it to manage your users quota)
– sabnzbd: Ubuntu PPA Repository – SABnzbd
– Rapidleech

Main ruTorrent plugins
autotoolscpuload, diskspace, erasedata, extratio, extsearch, feeds, filedrop, filemanager, geoip, history, logoff, mediainfo, mediastream, rss, scheduler, screenshots, theme, trafic and unpack

Additional ruTorrent plugins
– Autodl-IRSSI (with an updated list of trackers)
– A modified version of Diskpace to support quota (by me)
– Filemanager (modified to handle rar, zip, unzip, tar and bzip)
– Fileupload
– Fileshare
– MediaStream (to watch your videos right from your seedbox)
– Logoff
– Theme: Oblivion

#3 – Using Your New Seedbox

Seedbox Info File: http://YOUR_SERVER_IP/private/SBinfo.txt
SBinfo.txt Contains Usernames, Passwords, Login URL’s, FTP Information, Ports, Commands, etc.

To get started downloading/seeding you will need the ruTorrent link and the Downloads Directory.
ruTorrent: https://YOUR_SERVER_IP/rutorrent/
Downloads Directory: http://YOUR_SERVER_IP/private/Downloads
Webmin: https://YOUR_SERVER_IP:10000
OpenVPN Config: https://YOUR_SERVER_IP/rutorrent/

Frequently Asked Questions
Additional ReadMe Information

Alternative Methods

New Gen Seedbox Install Script
More Information About QuickBox

Script to automatically install vsftpd, libtorrent/rtorrent, rutorrent, Nginx, and autodl-irssi
More Information About rtinst

4 Replies to “The Easy Way To Make Your Own Seedbox”

  1. Kleber says:

    Nice script. But, how to use mktorrent plugin for create .torrent instead default plugin?

  2. realnewbe1 says:

    Love this and it worked great, but had to move the the server to different network and now I need to change the IPAddress. Is thier any way to change just the IP address I see in the script it is stored as a temp file any easy way to update the IPAddress without starting over from scratch?

  3. Mark says:

    Love this thank you 🙂

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