Recommended VPN Companies

The VPN providers below are ones that I suggest to users who want to protect their privacy online.
They are all torrent friendly, however some want you to use specific servers when doing so.
They DO NOT Log their users traffic or activities and are very privacy oriented.
They are all good providers, however the top 3 really stood out to me in terms of cost, features, compatibility, performance, etc.

1st Place
Hundreds of Servers Worldwide
File Sharing Allowed on Every Server
Native Client for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

2nd Place
Thousands of Servers Worldwide
Great Network, Fast Speeds
Extremely Affordable
Native Client for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS

3rd Place
Native Client for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS
Hundreds of Servers Worldwide
Non-Profit based in Seychelles

Honorable Mentions

I highly suggest checking out this spreadsheet that contains over 100 VPN providers.
It goes much further in depth about the pros and cons of all providers.

3 Replies to “Recommended VPN Companies”

  1. Not a Shil says:

    Everyone can bash private internet access for being massive, USA based, and without a warrant canary but the truth is they have already had their “no logs” policy tested by the FBI:

    Never connect to a single IP each time, always connect to the geo server and catch a random IP. Swim with the crowds.

    “After scrutinizing the validity of the subpoena and confirming it, we restated as we always do the content of our privacy policy and then we notified the agent that we do not log any user activity. The agent confirmed his understanding of our company’s policy and position and then pursued alternative leads.”

    1. admin says:

      I completely agree. I think they are a very good company.

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